Fun & Easy-To-Learn Leadership

Skills That Help Kids In Every Area Of Their Lives!



Fun & Easy-To-Learn Leadership

Skills That Help Kids In Every Area Of Their Lives


At Kids Can Lead we help kids build leadership skills to use at school and all facets of their lives and prepare them for their future. They are our future leaders – the children of today who will help us to make the world a better place.  



Amazing foundational leadership skills that build confidence and help kids to have a greater ability to make good decisions and solve problems creatively.


We teach that having courage is like a ‘super power’ to have the ability to speak up for themselves, to stay true to themselves and how to stand up for what is right.


We teach our evolutionary communication skills that help kids feel empowered to talk to their parents, teachers and others and lead confidently in any situation.


Kids will learn that the greatest strength of a leader is his or her character and we show them how to build upon their unique gifts as an individual.

Our Story & Background

We have been in the leadership field for over twenty years AND we see that if kids are able to learn the incredibly inspiring foundational leadership skills at a young age the incredible advantage they would have AND the incredible impact it would have on their daily lives as they navigate through today’s fast paced world.

Our Experience


We are Cheryl & Reg Cran the founders of Leadership Skills for Kids.

We have been privileged to have worked with organizations all over the world to help them develop ‘Future of Work Ready’ leaders.  Check us out at 

Combined we have over 40 years of extremely successful, award winning experience in helping leaders and their teams to grow and thrive, and guiding organizations to experience success like never before. We have also published several books on leadership topics that have been translated in different languages globally.

We are parents and recent grandparents and we believe passionately that the future is about helping kids develop their ‘leadership’ skills that will help them in every area of their lives as they move through our fast paced world.

We are partnering with early childhood development experts to help us create child friendly content.  

What We Believe

We believe that the future is about inspired leadership and what’s more inspiring about the future than the brilliance of the kids today?

We believe that if children are given the tools to succeed and to learn about leadership and the facets of leadership that affect all areas of their lives that we are helping them have better control of their lives, have an increased ability to make things happen and we are creating a positive future for the children and ultimately for their communities and the world!

We know that by providing leadership skills for kids we are helping our leaders of the future and the companies who will attract them.

We believe that leadership skills for kids will empower, embolden and help children to be a ‘super hero’ in their own life.

How We Are Giving Back

We are collaborating with charities that are in alignment with our vision to donate a portion of all of our net profits to those charities that support children.  

We have charities we are excited to give to such as ‘I am a Girl’, ‘Boys & Girls Club’ and more AND we will also donate to your preferred children’s charity.

We are partnering with like-minded sponsors who are excited about our vision of providing leadership skills for kids in an online and app format.

How Can You Help?

Kids Can Lead needs organizations and people just like you who believe in what we are doing, who want to invest in children and who are excited to provide gamified programs for kids to learn leadership skills.

We are seeking sponsors who want to be a part of this exciting and world changing project.

If you believe that children deserve to learn how to lead as a child to better prepare them for ‘life and work’ then we need you! If you want to see children’s charities benefit globally then we need you!

We are seeking sponsorship from organizations and individuals who want to be a part of helping children be prepared with leadership skills for the the fast paced world we live in now and in the future. Your name, (unless you wish to remain anonymous), will be included in our marketing, advertising and Social media campaigns so others see that you care about our kids as much as we do.

Your sponsorship will help us to launch kids; teens and girls focused courses and programs. All of the programs are structured for kids and their parents to go through together in web based and app based formats.

We know you want to help. Please contact us if you are interested in being a sponsor.

For Kids Can Lead we are building a gamified website and application – children and their parents will be able to log on from any device and play the leadership games as they learn that have been created to help kids with specific ‘leadership’ skills; Confidence, Commitment, Character and Courage that help them with today’s issues including bullying, making friends, life balance, peer pressure, speaking up for themselves etc.The theme is that every child is a Leader and our animated leader has an ‘L’ on her Super Hero suit that stands for ‘Leadership’.


If you are excited and want to be a part of this amazing project please reach out to us:

  • Phone: 1-877-900-5010
  • Email:
  • Address: #1000-355 Burrard Street, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, V6C-2G8

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A Note From The Founders

At Evolutionary Business Solutions Inc. we were inspired to create leadership skills for kids when our granddaughter was born AND we felt it was a natural fit for all of our work in the leadership field for many years. We are grateful for those who have already said, ‘Sign Us Up’ because they see the potential and they believe in investing in the future of children. The biggest excitement for us is the impact on kids worldwide AND we will be giving generously to a number of charities that are focused on children. This is a co -creative passion project from the heart. We will keep you informed as we proceed on this meaningful and impactful project.

Reg & Cheryl Cran, Founders